Coffee With Class

The Coffee Class opened their doors just this past August and have been creating quite a stir in the community ever since.

Coffee With Class
Photos by Bryant Arnold
Coffee With Class
Coffee With Class
Coffee With Class
Coffee With Class

With a mission statement claiming the experience to be, “a highlight in your day by providing exceptional coffee with world-class service in an inspiring and nurturing culture.” We knew we had to check it out for ourselves.

Walking in the ambiance is very inviting, with an open floor plan and a natural wood bar framing the pe-rimeter. The space is posh with modern accents and organic décor. Enjoy an incredible Single-Origin-Cup of coffee, poured over by hand, and brewed to order just for you at the proper temperature or perhaps a glass of their frothy, creamy, Nitro-Cold Chai Latte.

We had the opportunity to speak with Kyle Cunningham, owner of The Coffee Class to hear how this brand started and where they’re heading!

LVM: What sets this coffee shop apart from the pack?

Kyle: “We don’t seek to simply copy what has already been done. We seek a higher standard, innovation, and creativity.”

How did this idea of The Coffee Class come to fruition?

Kyle: “The need for specialty coffee in a relaxing space. As a local from the Henderson area I used to drive 30 minutes across town to get a decent cup of coffee. I knew I wanted to create a space that was great for working professionals and those just looking for a great meeting spot with friends and most importantly enjoy quality coffee while doing so. It’s a labor of love, I spent 4 years developing the concept and building the right team around me to execute it.”

LVM: Where does your passion for coffee come from?

Kyle: “It connects people in a way that few other products do. I think the energy from a great latte, a truly ex-ceptional cup of coffee, sharing it with friends; it all makes it a great place to be and even work in. Coffee Class will always be a feeling, that’s why I designed the space the way that I did. How does it make you feel when you walk in the door?”

LVM: Why the name The Coffee Class?

Kyle: “I wanted to be different. I wanted to create a more sophisticated space that was classy but still relaxing to be in. I also wanted to make sure we focused our brand on educating or customers on coffee. Talking about different types, things the normal person doesn’t know about coffee, and single origin coffee which is something you don’t see in most coffee shops. Eventually we will have actual classes and coffee “cuppings” which is basically like what wine tasting is just with coffee! In the future we’ll also be a training hub for other coffee shops which is our long term goal. To become a leader and a resource in the cof-fee industry.”

Stop in The Coffee Class to experience it yourself!

8878 South Eastern Avenue (702) 998-2501